Development of the MCDM fuzzy LMAW-grey MARCOS model for selection of a dump truck


  • Duško Tešić Military Academy, University of Defense in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Darko Božanić Military Academy, University of Defense in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Adis Puška Government of the Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Department of Public Safety, Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Aleksandar Milić Military Academy, University of Defense in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Dragan Marinković Department of Structural Analysis, Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany



Selection, Dump truck, Truck, MCDM, Fuzzy LMAW, Grey MARCOS


This study presents the MCDM model created for the selection of a dump truck for the needs of the army engineering units, based primarily on the truck’s construction features and purchasing and maintenance costs.  In this study was used the Methodology of Additive Weights (LMAW) in  Fuzzy surrounding for determination of weight coefficients of  criteria, while for the selection of the optimal alternative (for a dump truck) it was used the Measurement of Alternatives and Ranking according to Compromise Solution (MARCOS) method, modified by interval  grey numbers. Input data for this methodology were obtained by engaging experts. Finally, the analysis was made of the sensitivity of output results of the proposed MCDM methodology to the change of weight coefficients of criteria, as well as the comparison of the obtained results with the results of other methodologies. In the conclusion, the proposed model showed stability but it was sensitive to weight coefficients change which should be taken into account by defining the same by experts.   


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