Dynamics of in-process control with non-contact air gauges


  • Miroslaw Rucki Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, Poland




Dimensional measurement; Air gauging; Time constant; Dynamic error.


Dynamic properties of the air gauges performing in-process measurement are of the great importance because of dynamic error affecting the measurement results. The paper presents the analysis of the air gauges dynamics and some practical recommendation. The investigations proved the dependence of the time constants on the actually measured back-pressure. In practical solutions of in-process control, the air gauge must work in conditions of falling back-pressure since with the material removal dimensions of the machined workpiece go down. Thus, in the area of the smallest values of back-pressure within the measuring range, the time constant value is the largest. Worsening of the air gauge dynamic properties at the end stage of the machining must be considered when the dynamic characteristics of the projected air gauge are calculated.


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